Phone Number Directory

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We collect personal information for the purposes of publishing and maintaining a public number directory. Typically, we collect information, such as your name, address and a telephone number from the Manager of the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND). The IPND is a government-mandated central independent database of telephone listings, administered by Telstra Corporation and regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).


Such personal information is collected to publish and maintain a public number directory.

Your Choices

If you do not want your personal information utilised within the Phone Number Directory, you need to inform your actual or prospective telecommunications provider. Your telecommunications provider will offer you an appropriate range of choices. For example you may choose to have an unlisted number, in which case your phone number will not be published in the Phone Number Directory.

If we hold personal information about you, you may obtain access to that information by requesting via:

Equifax Pty Limited
Level 15, 100 Arthur Street
North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

or email us

If you would like to update or revise the personal information that appears in the Phone Number Directory, you will be required to provide satisfactory identification credentials. You should also contact your telecommunications provider, the original source of the information held on the Phone Number Directory.

Our Commitment to Privacy

At Equifax we take privacy very seriously. We undertake initiatives that build privacy enhancing practices and best practice measures into the way we deal with personal information. We regularly consult with consumer groups, advocates and regulators to achieve our objectives. Your suggestions are welcome - please contact us.